what happend to ring id and Cash Out?


what happend to ring id?
we are all know that ring id got some problem , like someone opend an case for saiful islam. saiful islam is a ring id’s publisher. this woman has problem with saiful islam out side of ring id company.
they know each outher from long time ago and this is personaly problem of woman with saiful sir.
thatwhy she arrest him by rab.
so at this time we can say, ring id still here and ring id will be here forever for us. we must support ring id. and also saiful sir, you must not worry. we are with you and always with ring id
when ring id company will give our payment? https://myonlineinfosa.com/how-to-earn-15000-bdt-from-ring-id-online-shoping-platfrom/

at this moment the bangladesh bank frize ring id’s bank account. so they can not send us our payment untill unfriz bangladesh bank. so we must give some time to ring id company for fix all problem.
just wait and see what ring id going to give you in futures. you will get good thing from ring id but right now ring id need our suport to come back into our life. so we must all positive post or comment in social media. like facebook/whatsapp/twitter and others.
let me give you some cooment or post.

(1) #safe_Ring_ID #Safe_Community_Job #We_Love_Ring_ID #Support_Ring_ID #Support_Ring_ID_Family #Ring_ID_Network #Ring_Official #Ring_ID_Official_Shorif_Sir
(2) All bank accounts with Ring ID should be opened
(3) With the introduction of ring pay, mobile banking will lose millions of customers.
If the perimeter of the ring store increases, the doorbell will ring twelve. So I would definitely say this is a conspiracy. There can’t be so much about a membership.
I hope the Ring ID authorities have a strong hand in all these conspiracies
We love ring id. ️ ️ How to protect our life network


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Md Nayon Hassan - October 9, 2021

Ringld Bangladesh


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