Amra nijera nijeder khoti kortesi

Ring ID 1 is a huge social business platform so we should have a ring ID. Amedar Bangladesh Bekaroto 1 is a big problem.
ai corona kale ring id amadar pasha dariye amedar somosha somdan kore dilo, so now we should have ring id side. If you want to open an old account, you need to have one income course. But Zara I Kisu opened the account of the age of the day, they could not withdraw their money, but the company says you can not withdraw the pair of money for 3 months, then the company will pay the rest of the money back, Joto money will be yours …
So where is the original eighty. Ratna ring id kinto amader payment deya off rakhte chaye nai but amra nijera seta koriyesi .. gemon baje baje comment and post kore ainer maddome ring id ke boddo korte chaitasi so eta amader boro bul. If the brother uses the ring ID, then our boro is profitable, then we are unemployed
Thaktesina, we run the Wanke family with the ring ID money, Wanak sokh mitai abar amra amedar nijedar pison themselves bash de. Cholen amra sob social media on ring id er pokhe post and comment kori and ring id ke amader mage firiye niye ashi ager moto kore. we love ring id and we always love ring id


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