I Earned 70000 Thousent Taka From Ringid

I Earned 70000 Thousent Taka From Ringid
hello guy,s today i am going to tell you about my earn from ringid. ringid is big social and business platfram that we can use this app like facebook and all e-commas app. with this app, we can call to my fammily or friends, and also we can buy product that we like. it is online business platfram but ringid company gave us a change to earn my from ringid few month ago. there has a system of community job so it has 2 package. silver and gold package.

how to earn trx from online

so when i was a jobless man in my family then no one give me money to take care my family but ringid gave me a job and until now i am doing my job in ringid but our govermant can not give us job but they can take our job. make us jobless man.
now i am going to tell you how much i did earn money from ringid?
i earn 70000 thousent taka from ringid so if you do not belive then check out my screensort.

and if you like to talk about ringid then you must know more about ringid then talk. and remembar that media does not give us money but ringid give us money so we must suport ringid. i love ringid. ringid is part of my life

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