How To Verify Photos tag facebook Account


hello friend, today i am going to tell you how to photos tag verify your facebook account.
in this world there has many people who use facebook and some of people get some problem with their facebook problem. you can read this post very carfully and fix your own problem but if you do not know then you can contact me . comment here with your whatsapp number then i will knock you
if you have problem with your facebook account then follow this post.
first go to facebook login page and put your facebook username and password then try to login.
when you login then facebook will show you five+ FACEBOOK account name with # photos so you must see the photos which one you know then click on his name and submit so if you select real 7 PHOTOS AND WITH real name then facebook will unblock your account.
it is easy to fix your facebook account but if you do not know how to verify your photos tag facebook account then contact me i will try my best fix your facebook account.


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