how to unblock website from facebook 2021

hello guys today i am going to tel you how to unblock a website from facebook.

how to unblock website from facebook 2021
when you post a website in facebook group or page for many time and if some people report your website to facebook then facebook gonna block your website so follow my steb to unblock your website from facebook.
go to this facebook link and submite this massage .
but if you dnt know how to unblock then contact me… comment your gmail or mobile number i will knock you.
Hello, Facebook,

My site is entirely protected and has been around since 2021. I regularly compose intriguing articles and post my site joins on my Facebook page Unfortunately, it appears to be that the high traffic to my site from Facebook brought an admonition banner up in your framework and named my site as UNSAFE It is extremely disturbing to enter in the security code, and in any event, when l keep my site article l need to twofold affirm it (see appended). At the point when my fans snap to go to my connection, you caution them to just follow joins that they trust, as though my site has malignant substance l attempted to advise you a few times on your criticism yet without much of any result, so l am currently composing an email and expectation it tends to be fixed. It is silly how you rebuff makers like us who had been creating acceptable unique substance on Facebook. You need to gain from Google how they reward content makers all things considered.

Much appreciated Regards


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