how to earn 15000 bdt from ring id online shoping platfrom

how to earn 15000 bdt from ring id online shoping platfrom. ring id social business platfrom. ring id is a bangladeshi company .

right now it is the best online earn app in bangladesh. it is great app eye catching app and easy to earn money from this app. we can say that one app one family.

ring id is social business network but you can easly earn money from this app by investing some money. ring id company they make tow (2) package that call= silver membarship and golden membarship. for bangladesh.

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silver membarship is 12000 BDT and golden membarship is 22000 BDT.
if you buy silver membarship package then you can earn money per day 250 BDT and monthly 7500BDT by watching 50 videos. this video is 15/20/30/40 secounds + reffer earn and if you buy golden membarship package then you can earn money per day 500 BDT and monthly 15000 BDT by watching 100 videos. this video is 15/20/30/40 secounds + reffer earn.

what is reffer earn?
if you open an account then you will have your own reffer code so after buy any package then you tell someone or your friends to create ring id account by using your refer code then you will get 8% comission from that package that your friend bought. this comission will added it to your main blance after that you can cash out this money any time.
what is the payment methor?

  1. agent
    if you are intarest to earn from ring id app then click here to go to play store and install it.
    put your mobile number then next
    fill up your name and password and then submit and they will ask you to put reffer code so this is my reffer code= kau-9153 so you can use my reffer code if you use my reffer code .
  2. then i will help you always or if you do not know how to create ring id app then contact me on imo 01300478960
    if you need any help please contact me. i also have payment proof if you want contact me
    thank you very much for read my blog. created by D.P.M

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what happend to ring id or Cash Out? - Myonlineinfosa.Com - October 9, 2021

[…] what happend to ring id?we are all know that ring id got some problem , like someone opend an case for saiful islam. saiful islam is a ring id’s publisher. this woman has problem with saiful islam out side of ring id company.they know each outher from long time ago and this is personaly problem of woman with saiful sir.thatwhy she arrest him by rab.so at this time we can say, ring id still here and ring id will be here forever for us. we must support ring id. and also saiful sir, you must not worry. we are with you and always with ring idwhen ring id company will give our payment? https://myonlineinfosa.com/how-to-earn-15000-bdt-from-ring-id-online-shoping-platfrom/ […]

    AntonioMom - December 17, 2021

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